Panasonic S-40PU1H5 Ceiling Mounted AC (5hp) 樂聲牌 藏天花冷氣機 S-40PU1H5 (5匹)

5匹 42,600btu (R410)
Model: S-40PU1H5
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S-40PU1H5/ U-40PV1H8

淨冷藏天花式冷氣機 (5 匹 (有線/無線搖控器))

  • 室內機:S-40PU1H5
  • 室外機:U-40PV1H8
  • 淨冷藏天花式(5匹)
顏色︰ 白色
  • R410A環保雪種
  • 淨冷藏天花式
  • 四面出風
  • 42,600 BTU/h (5匹)
  • 有線或無線遙控器
  • 體積(高x闊x深)
  • nonoeX 空氣淨化系統 (可選配)
冷卻效能 42,600 Btu/h(12.9kW)
電力資料 380 伏特 V
電量輸入 製冷 4.07 kW
配管管徑 液體側 3/8" (吋)
氣體側 5/8"(吋)
淨重 室內機 22公斤
室外機 86公斤
面板 4公斤
體積 (高 X 闊 X 深) 室內機 319x840x840毫米
室外機 996x980x370毫米
面板 950x950x44毫米

S-40PU1H5/ U-40PV1H8

Cassette Type Cooling Air Conditioner (5 HP (Wired/Wireless Remote Control))

  • Indoor: S-40PU1H5
  • Outdoor:U-40PV1H8
  • Cassette Type Cooling(5HP)
Color: White
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Cassette Type Cooling
  • 4 way Cassette
  • 42,600 BTU/h (5HP)
  • Wired or Wireless Remote Controller
  • Size(HxWxD)
    Indoor Unit:319x840x840mm
    Outdoor Unit:996x980x370mm
  • nonoeX (In-filter deactivation) air purifying system (Optional)
    **For details, please visit the product catalogue
Cooling Capacity 42,600 Btu/h (12.9kW)
Electrical Data 380 Voltage (V)
Power input Cooling 4.07 kW
Pipe Diameter Liquid side 3/8" (inch)
Gas side 5/8" (inch)
Net Weight Indoor Unit 22kg
Outdoor Unit 86kg
Panel 4kg
Size (H x W x D) Indoor Unit 319x840x840mm
Outdoor Unit 996x980x370mm
Panel 950x950x44mm
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