Carrier PC-12MHB Portable Type AC (1.5hp Heat Pump) 開利 流動式冷氣機 PC-12MHB (1.5 匹 冷暖)

1.5 匹 冷暖 C:12000/H:10000btu (R410)
Model: PC-12MHB
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原行保用 Manufacture Warranty
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·冷凍: 12,000 BTU/h
·製暖: 10,000 BTU/h
·能源效益 Class A (歐盟標準)

  • 無需安裝、無盛水器
  • ·銀離子過濾網,除去細菌性氣味,防止靜電
  • ·製暖功能,可因應天氣,隨意調校冷氣或暖氣輸出,無論春夏秋冬,屋企都寧靜舒適
  • ·獨立抽濕功能,最適合潮濕天氣
  • ·持續釋放負離子,淨化空氣中的煙塵,趕走污染,防止呼吸道疾病
  • ·自動蒸發系統,帶走製冷時產生的大部分水份,提升製冷效能
  • ·ECO 省電模式,自動調節溫度,省電環保
  • ·24小時定時開關,配合上班、回家及睡眠時間
  • ·自動重啟功能,遇上電力中斷,冷氣機會在電源恢復後,自動回復原來的功能設定
  • ·機身底部設多向式滑輪, 方便移動
  • ·附設遙控器
  • ·啟動製冷、製暖及自動模式時需於機背的開口處接駁排風喉
  • ·3年全機*及5年壓縮機保養*
型號   PC-12MHB
冷凍能力 BTU / h 12,000
製暖能力 BTU / h 10,000
電源 伏特/相/赫斯 220 – 240 / 1 / 50
能源效益   Class A (歐盟標準)
耗電量 (冷凍) 1,350
耗電量 (製暖) 1,130
操作電流 (冷凍) 安培 5.9
操作電流 (製暖) 安培 5.0
除濕能力 公升/小時 1.2
氣流體積 (高) 立方米/小時 425
尺寸(闊x高x深) 毫米 466 x 765 x 397
淨重 公斤 34
插頭   13A標準插頭
排風喉長度 1.5
排風喉外圍直徑 毫米 149.5
保養 全機 3年* (適用於自2015年5月4日至2015年12月31日購買)
  壓縮機 5年
雪種   R410A



Portable (Heat Pump)

Portable (Heat Pump)

·1.5 HP
·Cooling: 12,000 BTU/h
·Heating: 10,000 BTU/h
·No installation required with bucket free design
·Class A Energy Level (European Standard) 

·Independent dehumidification mode and ECO Mode

  • No installation required with bucket free design
  • ·Silver Ion Filter eliminates dust, prevent electrostatic
  • ·Powerful cooling and heating operations, designed to be used in all seasons
  • ·Independent dehumidification mode is most suitable during humid days
  • ·Brings anion to your room, eliminates dust and smoke
  • ·Self-evaporative System allows most of the condensed water to be reused to improve performance
  • ·ECO Mode enables an optimum temperature at night to save energy and maintain comfort
  • ·Timer can be set to start and stop at any point in a 24-hour period
  • ·In case of unexpected power cut, Auto-Restart function allows the air conditioner to restart with the previous function setting automatically when the power resumes
  • ·omni-directional castors make moving easier
  • ·Remote control
  • ·Three years warranty (air conditioner) * and five years warranty (compressor) *
Model   PC-12MHB
Cooling Capacity BTU / h 12,000
Heating Capacity BTU / h 10,000
Power Supply V / Phase /Hz 220 – 240 / 1 / 50
Energy Level   Class A (European Standard)
Power Consumption (Cooling) W 1,350
Power Consumption  (Heating) W 1,130
Operating Current (Cooling) A 5.9
Operating Current (Heating) A 5.0
Dehumidifying Capacity L / h 1.2
Airflow Volume (High) m³/ h 425
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 466 x 765 x 397
Net Weight kg 34
Length of Exhaust Hose m 1.5
Outside Diameter of Exhause Hose mm



Warranty Air Conditioner 3 years*
  Compressor 5 years
Refrigerant   R410A


* '3-years warranty on product' starts from 1st January 2016. It applies to Carrier Portable Air Conditioners only, but not project models. For purchase before 4th May 2015, the warranty periods are 1-year on product and 5-years on compressor. Warranty terms and conditions apply. 



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