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Beefeater BSL158SANG Built-In BBQ Gas / LPG Hob Beefeater 戶外燒烤氣體爐 Beefeater BSL158SANG

900mm(W) integrated outdoor BBQ grill hob
Brands: Electrolux
Model: BSL158SANG

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Domino Cooktops


The state-of-the-art cooking surface features six powerful burners to ensure precise heat distribution and amazing results every time. Plus you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your food will always be cooked evenly and just the way you like it.


Cast furnishings for consistently even cooking
Commercial grade stainless steel components
Superior oil management system
Six powerful burners for even heat distribution
Made for style and durability


Model: BSL156SANG
Dimension: 1053 x 540 x 42/549mm (LxWxH Hood Closed/Open)
Burner Power: 6 x 71 MJ/h
Type of Fuel: Gas
Gas connection set up: NG
LPG Conversion Kit available: Yes
Side burner features: Reversible cast iron hotplate

伊萊克斯 EQB10BAS

顏色: 不銹鋼
不銹鋼燃燒器 x4
安裝尺寸 (闊x深): 1025 x 502 mm
外形尺寸 (高x闊x深): 244 x 1058 x 538 mm

Electrolux EQB10BAS

outer surfaces are engineered from 316 marine grade stainless steel which is subitable for coastal areas.
All other components are commercial grade stainless steel, ensuring it will retain its appeal.
Discreet and sophisticated, the Electrolux integrated is the first truly integrated barbecue
Ergonomically designed controls on the side ensureing it drops seamlessly into any bench or working surface.
Color: Stainless steel
90 cm flat design - easy to use and maintain
Stunning design with premium marine grade 316 stainless steel on all external surfaces, trim surround, control knob caps and removable lid
Side mount rotary controls for electronic ignition
2 easy clean interlocking stainless steel split grill system
Unique oil and grease collection system with oil reservoirs that remove from the top
Four stainless steel burners
Available for LPG and towngas connection
Supplied with a removable slim-lne stainess steel lid W943 / D553mm
Built-in (WxD): 1025 x 502 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 244 x 1058 x 538 mm


Stainless steel lid for EQB10BAS BBQ 戶外燒烤氣體爐 + 不銹鋼爐蓋