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ArteVino OXGMT225NVD 225 Bottles Wine Serving Cabinets Multi-Temperature 酒櫃 ArteVino OXGMT225NVD

Wine Serving Cabinets Multi-Temperature
Brands: Artevino
Model: OXGMT225NVD

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A multi-temperatures cabinet with a temperature staggering from 6°C to 20°C to serve your wines in the best possible conditions.

Range : OXYGEN
Model : OXGMT225NVD
Function : Service
Capacity* : 225 Bottles**

A constant temperature due to the dual Heating/Cooling controls.

Optimised humidity due to the circulation of humid air.

Air circulation ensured by the principle of thermodynamic pump.

No vibration thanks to the slow-cycles compressor fixed on silentblocs + evaporator flooded in the high density polyurethane foam.

Protection from UV light guaranteed with a glass door with highly effective UV filter.

Storage and/or sliding » universal shelf. One shelf for all types of storages. Suitable to store all types of bottles.


Gross weight, packaged(kg)* : 115
Net weight (kg)* : 99
Dimensions in packaging H x W x D (mm) : 1940 x 700 x 750
Dimensions H x W x D(mm) : 1825 x 680 x 690

Energy efficiency rating : B
Acoustic emissions (dB(A))***** : 37
Electrical power (W)*** : 70
Electrical intensity (A)*** : 0.33
Consumption per 24h (KWh) **** : 0.59
Annual energy consumption AEc* (kWh/year) **** : 216
Ambient temperature operating limit : 12 - 30°C

„Ï Digital electronic controls with temperature setting range from 6°C to 10°C (lower cabinet area) and 15°C to 20°C (upper cabinet area)
„Ï Temperature display on indoor sidewall
„Ï Double Hot/ Cold circuit > Automatic . Winter function .
„Ï Temperature fault alarm icon
„Ï Interior lining of dimpled aluminium
„Ï Glass door
„Ï Hygrometry ensured by the principle of thermodynamic pump
„Ï 2 adjustable feet
„Ï Lock
„Ï Storage grid in the low part
„Ï Integrated handle into the door frame


* Standard configuration

** Traditional Bordeaux bottles

*** Calculated with an ambient temperature of 25°C

**** Consumption calculated with an ambient temperature of 25°C using an appliance with standard configuration

***** R600a gas. With a R134a gas (for US, CA, Korea, Taïwan): 38 db(A)