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Ventilation and Air Quality

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  1. -3%
    Hitachi RD-190GX Dehumidifier 18.5L
    was HK$3,140.00 Special Price HK$3,060.00
  2. -4%
    Hitachi RD-290GX Dehumidifier 28.5L
    was HK$4,080.00 Special Price HK$3,900.00
  3. -18%
    Whirlpool DS202HG Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier 20L
    was HK$3,550.00 Special Price HK$2,920.00
  4. -19%
    Whirlpool DS202NF Dehumidifier 20L
    was HK$3,080.00 Special Price HK$2,480.00
  5. -17%
    Whirlpool DS242HG Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier 24L
    was HK$3,990.00 Special Price HK$3,320.00
  6. -18%
    Whirlpool DS242NF Dehumidifier 24L
    was HK$3,540.00 Special Price HK$2,920.00
  7. -9%
    Carrier DC-21KX Dehumidifier 21L
    was HK$1,880.00 Special Price HK$1,720.00
  8. -10%
    Carrier DC-26KX Dehumidifier 26L
    was HK$2,480.00 Special Price HK$2,240.00
  9. -8%
    Carrier DC-30KX Dehumidifier 30L
    was HK$2,880.00 Special Price HK$2,640.00
  10. -8%
    Carrier DC-19DA-X Dehumidifier 19L
    was HK$1,680.00 Special Price HK$1,540.00
  11. -11%
    Carrier DC-22DA-X Dehumidifier 22L
    was HK$1,980.00 Special Price HK$1,760.00
  12. -9%
    Carrier DC-24DA-X Dehumidifier 24L
    was HK$2,180.00 Special Price HK$1,980.00
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12 Items

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