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Range Hoods

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  1. -28%
    Fulgor DDM Motor Box for Fulgor Lift Hood DDM
    was HK$6,000.00 Special Price HK$4,320.00
  2. -13%
    Bosch DFS067A51B Telescopic Cooker Hood 60cm 399 m³/h Silver Metallic
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  3. -12%
    Bosch DFS097A51B Telescopic Cooker Hood 90cm 729 m³/h Silver Metallic
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  4. -5%
  5. -35%
    Cimatech CH201N-900 Chimney Cookerhood 90cm
    was HK$6,920.00 Special Price HK$4,480.00
  6. -28%
    Cimatech CH201N-1200 Chimney Cookerhood 120cm
    was HK$8,360.00 Special Price HK$5,980.00
  7. -19%
    Cimatech CH601N-T Telescopic Cookerhood 60cm
    was HK$3,480.00 Special Price HK$2,820.00
  8. -13%
    Cimatech CH902N-T Telescopic Cookerood 90cm
    was HK$3,980.00 Special Price HK$3,480.00
  9. -6%
    Roblin Atrium 900 Chimney Range Hood 90cm
    was HK$8,370.00 Special Price HK$7,880.00
  10. -2%
    Roblin Inspiration/2 770 Built-In Range Hood 77cm
    was HK$8,380.00 Special Price HK$8,180.00
  11. -16%
    Whirlpool INAC700W Integrated Cookerhood with Oil 72cm
    was HK$3,080.00 Special Price HK$2,580.00
  12. -10%
    Whirlpool INAC900W Integrated Cookerhood with Oil 90cm I
    was HK$3,380.00 Special Price HK$3,040.00
  13. -10%
    Cimatech CH7930-T Telescopic Cookerhood 90cm
    was HK$3,680.00 Special Price HK$3,320.00
  14. -12%
    Cimatech CH7630-T Telescopic Cookerhood 60cm
    was HK$2,990.00 Special Price HK$2,640.00
  15. -18%
    Bosch DFR097T50 Telescopic Range Hood 90cm 抽拉式抽油煙機 DFR097T50
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  16. -20%
    Whirlpool AKR9010/IX Wall-Mounted Chimney Hood 90cm
    was HK$7,380.00 Special Price HK$5,880.00
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65 items

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