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Gaggenau AC 402 181 Vario Ceiling Ventilation 400 Series 吊式抽油煙機 Gaggenau AC 402 181

control module with light AC 482 181 & Fan motor AR 400 142
Brands: Gaggenau
Model: AC402181
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400 seriesVario ceiling ventilationStainless steelFilter module


  • Discreet integration into the architecture of the kitchen
  • Flexible by dimension, performance and ventilation mode
  • Room ventilation
  • Modular ceiling ventilation which can be configurated individually by separate components such as filter module, control modules and light module
  • Highly efficient patented rim extraction

Additional information

  • Rim extraction filter, dishwasher-safe.
  • Installation frame for thread rods (rods not included).
  • Connection piece DN 150 cylindrical.
 Product rating
 Planning notes
  • The ceiling ventilation has to be handled as a room ventilation when distance to cooktop is larger than 120 cm since the direct capture of vapours will be limited. The needed airflow is given by an air exchange rate of 10 to 12 times the room volume.
  • Please refer to page xxx for recommended configurations of ceiling ventilations and remote fan units and the resulting dimensions.
  • When installing remote fan unit AR 400 within the ceiling or furniture block it must remain accessible through the ceiling cutout or another maintenance access.
  • Please ensure when installing the exhaust air ducting that no sharp bends are caused and that the cross-section of the ducting is not constricted in any way.
  • When installing a ventilation hood with air extraction mode or recirculation outlet in another area of room air (e.g. cellar) and a chimney-vented fireplace, the hood's power supply line needs a suitable safety switch.