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Garwoods GC-7188

Garwoods GC-7188 Domino Gas Cooktop (Kera Black) 英國樂思 Domino 氣體爐 GC-7188 (鑽黑)

Samsung RB30N4180B1SH

Samsung RB30N4180B1/SH Double Door Refrigerator Black Nickel 284L

Garwoods GC-7188 Domino Gas Cooktop (Kera Brushed Effect) 英國樂思 Domino 氣體爐 GC-7188 (拉絲碳灰)

5500w 香港煤氣 HK TG
was HK$3,020.00 Special Price HK$2,750.00
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Series 7 Domino 系列
Garwoods GC-7188單頭氣體爐
產品主要特點 Special Features:
  • 法國EuroKera優質耐熱陶瓷玻璃面板
  • 前端斜邊設計
  • 5500瓦强勁火力
  • 優質銅爐頭及鋁爐座,高貴時尚
  • 鑄鐵爐架,堅固穩定
  • 獨立爐芯火設計
  • 高效能防滲設計
  • 電子點火系統採用乾電池設計
  • 自動防漏安全裝置,保障家居安全
  • France EuroKera ceramic glass top
  • Facetted glass edge for front side
  • Genuine 5500W heat power output
  • Supreme quality burners and burner tray
  • Strong, stable and fade proof cast iron trivet
  • Independent Inner Flame Produces
  • Impervious design
  • Automatic ignition system supported by battery allows you enjoy fine cuisine at the flick of a switch
  • Anti-leakage system provides maximum protection to your family and property
規格 Specification
型號Model GC-7188
爐頭數目Number of Burners 1
兆焦耳/小時(瓦) Rated Heat Input/Hour (W) 5500
輸入熱量Heat Input 香港煤氣 HK TG
爐身尺寸(闊x深x高) Dimensions (WxDxH) 288 x 510 x 50 mm
Cut-out Dimensions (WxD)
265 x 490 mm
電源 Power Supply 1.5 伏特D型電池 DC 1.5V (D. Size) Battery
玻璃Glass 法國EuroKera優質耐熱陶瓷玻璃面板 France EuroKera ceramic glass top
顏色Colour 鑽黑Kera Black/拉絲碳灰Kera Brushed Effect
斜邊 Facetted edges 前端13毫米(鑽黑) 
13 mm Front Side(Kera Black) 
5 mm Front Side(Kera Brushed Effect)
安裝方法 Installation 嵌入式 Built-in
零售價Retail Price HK$3,580(鑽黑Kera Black) 
HK$3,780 (拉絲碳灰Kera Brushed Effect)

Garwoods Burners Glass Hob had achieved certificate of EMSD, it promised to be safe.

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