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Garwoods HT-3870S Chimney Range Hood (700mm) 英國樂思 煙導式抽油煙機 HT-3870S

700mm 不銹鋼
Brands: Garwoods
Model: HT-3870S
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$4,280.00
was HK$3,250.00 Special Price HK$3,090.00

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Chimney Range Hoods
歐陸式抽油煙機 European Range Hood
樂思優美系列Garwoods HT-3870S
產品主要特點 Special Features:
  • 700毫米闊度及355毫米深度不銹鋼機身,容易配襯各式廚房設計
  • 輕觸式金鐲表層智能操控設計,操作簡便
  • 德國EGO開關系統
  • 色彩燈光功能顯示
  • 全密封式鋁摩打,低噪音、高吸風量
  • 易拆式金屬過濾網及油抔,清洗容易
  • 延遲關機,帶走餘下的油煙及氣味
  • LED燈條設計,新穎設計
  • 700mm width and 355mm depths stainless steel finishing matches with any kitchen design
  • Metal-touch control, easy for operate
  • German EGO switch control system
  • Light display for different functions
  • Full sealed aluminum motor, low noise and high suction
  • Easy to clean detachable metal grease filter and oil cup
  • Delay-off function to extract odors after cooking
  • New design of LED lighting
規格 Specification
顏色 Colour不銹鋼 Stainless Steel
物料 Material不銹鋼 Stainless Steel
按鍵操控 Switch Type觸控式 SensorTouch
排風量 Air Flow Rate (每小時立方米 m3/hr)900
抽力選擇 Suction Power Selection3段3 Levels
馬達速度 Motor Speed
(每分鐘轉動 r.p.m./min)
1850 r.p.m.
馬達耗電量 (瓦) Motor Power Consumption (w)220W
照明 (瓦) Illumination (w)LED 1.5 x 1
重量 Weight 公斤(磅) KG (Lb)17kg (37.4lb)
機身尺寸 (闊x深x高) 毫米
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
700 x 355 x 365*毫米 (mm) )
排風口直徑 Air Duct Diameter150毫米 (mm)/6吋 (inch)
電壓 Voltage220V-240V/50HZ
安裝方法 Installation獨立式/嵌入式
零售價Retail PriceHK$4,080

*可另行配備煙卤接駁至高度815亳米作獨立式安裝 An upper telescopic pipe cover can be optionally connected to height 815mm max.

Right of technical modification reserved, delivery subject to availability, colour of plastic components may vary from illustrations.