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Sakura H120RFL(LPG) Gas Water Heater 櫻花牌 氣體恆溫熱水爐 H120RFL(LPG)

12L (石油氣) (LPG) (背出) (Back Flue Type)
Brands: Sakura
Model: H120RFL(LPG)

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Gas Water Heaters





  • 數碼恆溫技術,水溫不會忽冷忽熱
  • 每分鐘出水量12公升
  • 背出排氣
  • 備有LCD顯示屏,可從35℃至60℃設定水温
  • 內置電腦記憶功能,無須每次重新調較溫度
  • 可選配浴室有線遙控,操作更靈活方便
  • 特設季節水温調節掣
  • 電子打火,熱水即開即熱,長開長有
  • 備有石油氣及煤氣型號
  • 100%台灣製造
適用氣體 :石油氣/煤氣
煙通排氣方式 :背出排氣
產品尺寸 (闊 x 深 x 高) :570 x 350 x 138 毫米
用氣量(最大) :26.7 千瓦
用氣量(最少) :7.6 千瓦
最小操作水壓 :20 千帕
建議供水壓 :80-700 千帕
出水量 :12 公升 / 每分鐘
重量 :16 公升
電源(電力供應) :220伏特50赫交流電
電源(耗電量) :50 瓦
附註 :3年免費包零件保養


Gas Water Heater


Product Features


  • Electronic temperature-modulated technology keeps stable hot water temperature
  • Hot water supply 12L/min
  • Back flue type
  • LCD control panel with hot water setting from 35℃ to 60℃
  • Built in electronic memory function can store the last temperature setting
  • Optional bathroom remote control for selection
  • Winter/Summer selection water control knob
  • Auto spark ignition with continuous hot water supply
  • Both LPG and TG model available
  • 100% Made in Taiwan
Type of Gas :LPG/TG
Exhaust Type (Flue Type) :Fan draught room sealed type (Back Flue type)
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) :570 x 350 x 138 mm
Gas Consumption(Max) :26.7 kW
Gas Consumption(Min) :7.6 kW
Min. Operating Water Pressure :20 kPa
Recommended Water Supply Pressure :80-700 kPa
Hot Water Capacity :12 L / min
Weight :16 kg
Power(Power Supply) :AC220V / 50Hz
Power(Electrical Consumption) :50 W
Remarks :3-year warranty with free parts
Japan JIA certification
Energy Efficiency Label
Standard installation $800

*All specifications subject to change with prior notice.