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  1. -17%
    Whirlpool AKR5001/IX Chimney Hood 90cm
    was HK$4,380.00 Special Price HK$3,640.00
  2. -6%
    Whirlpool AWK231/BTP Domino 2 Burners Gas Hob (LP Gas)
    was HK$3,660.00 Special Price HK$3,450.00
  3. -9%
    Whirlpool AKR273.1/IX Telescopic Cookerhood 60cm
    was HK$3,680.00 Special Price HK$3,360.00
  4. -6%
    Whirlpool AKR473.1/IX Telescopic Cookerhood 90cm
    was HK$4,080.00 Special Price HK$3,849.00
  5. -14%
    Whirlpool INAC700W Integrated Cookerhood with Oil 72cm
    was HK$3,080.00 Special Price HK$2,640.00
  6. -7%
    Whirlpool INAC900W Integrated Cookerhood with Oil 90cm I
    was HK$3,380.00 Special Price HK$3,140.00
  7. -21%
    Whirlpool AKR9010/IX Wall-Mounted Chimney Hood 90cm
    was HK$7,380.00 Special Price HK$5,820.00
  8. -10%
  9. -15%
  10. -6%
    Whirlpool AKR4061/IX 60cm Wall-Mounted Chimney Cookerhood
    was HK$3,180.00 Special Price HK$2,980.00
  11. -8%
    Whirlpool AKR5101/IX Wall-Mounted Chimney Hood 90cm
    was HK$4,680.00 Special Price HK$4,298.00
  12. -10%
    Whirlpool AKR4071/IX Wall-Mounted Chimney Hood 76cm
    was HK$3,380.00 Special Price HK$3,040.00
  13. -6%
    Whirlpool AKR260/WH Under Cabinet Cookerhood 60cm
    was HK$1,790.00 Special Price HK$1,680.00
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47 items

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