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White-Westinghouse WWN07CRA-D3 Window Type Air Conditioner 3/4hp remote control

3/4 匹 7,000btu
Brands: White-Westinghouse
Model: WWN07CRA-D3
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$4,180.00

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White-Westinghouse WWN07CRA-D3 3/4HP window-type air conditioner

Horsepower: 3/4 HP
energy label: Grade 1
(R410 / R22): R410
Cooling Effectiveness (BTU): 7000
Body Sizes: W x H x D (mm): 450x346x585

White-Westinghouse 威士汀 WWN07CRA-D3 3/4匹 窗口式冷氣機

匹數: 淨冷 3/4 匹
能源標籤: 1
雪種類別 (R410 / R22): R410
製冷效能 (BTU): 7000
機身呎吋: 闊 x 高 x 深 (毫米): 450x346x585