Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Ionizer Filtration System 樂聲牌 電解水機 濾水器 TK-AS45

電解水機 濾水器 Alkaline Ionizer
Model: TK-AS45
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健康電解水機 (加強型) (可過濾溶解性鉛)


  • 5重過濾系統濾水器(可過濾總三鹵甲烷、溶解性鉛、霉嗅、農藥、鐵、鋁、土臭素、酚等17種有害物質
  • 3段鹼性(飲食用)及1段酸性(美容用)選擇及淨水功能
  • 連續模式,方便短時間內多次取用鹼性離子水飲用
  • 適用濾芯:TK-AS45C1 (可過濾溶解性鉛)
  • 日本製造


定格 AC 220-240V, 50 Hz, 0.3A
消耗電力 約 55W (待機時 1W)
本體 體積 寬170mm x 深 101mm x 高 291 mm
重量 約 3.0kg (滿水時約 3.5kg)
本體適用水溫 35oC以下(分水開關為 80oC以下)
本體適用最高水壓 70 kPa- 350kPa
水管適用最高水壓 70 kPa- 750kPa
電解 電解方式 連續電解方式
出水量 (生成水流量) 2.0公升/分鐘 (水壓為100kPa之時) ; 3.0公升/分鐘 (水壓為200kPa之時)
電解能力轉換 鹼性 : 3階段調整 弱酸性 : 1階段
可以連續使用時間 常溫時約 30分鐘
電解槽壽命 約為 850小時 (僅指離子水生成時間和洗淨時間)
電解洗淨 自動洗淨方式 (洗淨時間為 8 秒鐘, 排水時間約為 30 秒鐘)
淨水能力 淨水出水量 2.0公升/分鐘 (水壓為100kPa之時)
過濾流量 2.5公升/分鐘 (水壓為100kPa之時)
過濾能力 12,000公升
濾心更換限期 (更換指標) 約12個月 (每日使用30公升)
濾材 特殊濾布 (不織布)、顆粒活性碳、特殊陶瓷、粉末活性碳、中空絲膜
可除去的成份 殘留氯 、 污濁物 、總三鹵甲烷 、溶解性鉛、 黴菌臭 、 三氯甲烷 、二氯一溴甲烷 、二溴一氯甲烷、三溴甲烷、 四氯乙烯 、三氯乙烯、 1.1.1三氯乙烷、 CAT(農藥)、 鐵(微粒子狀)、 鋁(中性)、 土臭素(黴菌臭)、 酚類
不可除去的成份 溶解於水中的鐵、重金屬 (銀、銅等)或鹽分(海水)
電源插頭 BF3型連英標灰士
電流保護裝置 保險絲: 2.5A
溫度過高保護裝置 (絕緣變壓器內) 過熱防止器 (自動恢復式、作用溫度: 120oC) ; 溫度保險絲 (作用溫度 : 145oC)
更換濾心型號 TKAS45C1 (可過濾溶解性鉛)

Alkaline Ionizer (Upgraded) (filter soluble lead)


  • High performance Ultra Filtration System. Remove 17 substances including Trihalomenthane, Soluble Lead, mold smell, agricultural chemicals, Iron, Aluminium, Geosmin (mold smell), Phenol and etc
  • Alkaline: 3 levels; Weak Acidic: 1 level & Water Purifying
  • Continue Mode: Convenient to have Alkaline water frequently in short time
  • Cartridge: TK-AS45C1 (filter soluble lead)
  • Made in Japan

(*Few water comes out of the drain hose that cannot be drank)

Water Purifying Product
Alkaline Ionizer
Rating AC 220-240V, 50 Hz, 0.3A
Electric power consumption Approximately 55W (Standby: Approximately 1W)
Main unit Dimensions Width 170mm x Depth 101mm x Height 291 mm
Weight Appromimately 3.0kg (Filled with water : Approximately 3.5kg)
Main unit usable water temperature Under 35oC(Bypass selector : Under 80oC)
Main unit usable water pressure (Dynamic pressure) 70 kPa- 350kPa
Usable water service pressure (Static pressure) 70 kPa- 750kPa
Electrolysis Electrolysis method Continuous Electrolysis
Output water volume (Generated water flow amount) 2.0L/min (at water pressure of 100kPa) ; 3.0L/min (at water pressure of 200kPa)
Electrolytic capability selection Alkaline : 3 levels Acidic : 1 level
Continuous operation capacity Approximately 30 minutes at room temperature
Electrolyzer life Approximately 850 hours cumulative (ion water generating time and cleansing time only)
Electrolytic cleaning Auto-cleaning Method (Cleaning time approximately 8 seconds, waste water discharge time approximately 30 seconds)
Purification Capacity Purified water output volume 2.0L/min (at water pressure of 100kPa)
Filtration flow volume 2.5L/min (at water pressure of 100kPa)
Filtration capacity 12,000L
Filter usage limit (Guide to replacement) Approximately 12 months (at rate of 30L/day)
Filter Materials Non-woven fabric filter, granular activated carbon, ceramic, powdered activated carbon, hollow filber membrane
Removable constituents Free residual chlorine and turbidity, Total trihalomethane, Soluble Lead, Mold smell, Chloroform, Bromodichloromethane, Dibromochloromethane, Bromoform, Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, CAT (agricultural chemicals),Iron (particulate form), Aluminium (neutral), Geosmin (mold smell), Phenols
Non-removable constituents Iron dissolved in the water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.) and salt(seawater)
AC Plug BF3 type with Fuse
Power protection device Current fuse: 2.5A
Overheating protection devices (inside isolation transformer) Overheat protector (Automatic resetting type, operating temperature : 120oC) ; Thermal fuses (Operating temperature : 145oC)
Replacement cartridge model no. TKAS45C1 (filter soluble lead)



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