Rasonic RWH-N10F(T)(BLACK) (10L Town Gas) Instantaneous Gas Water Heater 樂信牌 智能恆溫氣體熱水爐 RWH-N10F(T)(曜石黑) (10公升 煤氣)

10公升 煤氣 曜石黑 10L Town Gas BLACK
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智能恆溫氣體熱水爐 (煤氣/每分鐘10L熱水供應)

  • 最高熱負荷:22 kW
  • 每分鐘出水量:10公升/分鐘
  • 結合高端技術,精準溫度控制
  • LED顯示及輕觸式調控
  • 備有頂出/背出煙道型號
顏色︰ 曜石黑
  • 額定最高熱負荷:22 kW
  • 每分鐘出水量:10公升/分鐘
  • 結合高端技術,精準溫度控制,輕鬆享受淋浴樂趣
  • 記憶合金水流調節器,自動調節水流量,確保足夠溫升
  • 雙重電磁閥設計,自動調節燃氣輸出比例,令燃燒更穩定,防止燃氣泄洩漏
  • 60分鐘連續燃燒關機保護
  • 直流變頻風機,抵抗強風,防止一氧化碳超標及廢氣倒灌
  • 智能分段火排,根據進水溫度分段燃燒,環保節能
  • 雙溫度感應,實時監測,比對進水及出水溫度計算溫升
  • LED顯示及輕觸式調控
  • 全機保修三年
  • 備有頂出煙道型號 RWH-N10F(L)-TB 及背出煙道型號 RWH-N10F(L)-BB
顏色 曜石黑
額定功率 25 瓦
額定電壓 220 伏特~
額定熱負荷 22 千瓦 (最高)
頻率 50 赫茲
溫度調節 35℃ 至 60℃
淨重 (公斤) 14 公斤
產品尺寸 (闊 x 深 x 高) (毫米) 360 x 145 x 565
最低運作水壓 20 kPa
排放方式 頂出或背出
點火方式 連續脈衝點火


Instantaneous Gas Water Heater (Town Gas/ 10L/min Hot Water Supply)

  • Rated Max. heat output: 22 kW
  • Water output per minute: 10 liters / minute
  • Combining high-end technology and precise temperature control
  • LED display and Touch control
  • Top-flue and Back-flue models available
Color: Black Matte
  • ated Max. heat output: 22 kW
  • Water output per minute: 10 liters / minute
  • Combining high-end technology and precise temperature control provide joy of shower experience
  • Memory alloy water flow sensor adjusts water flow automatically, ensuring sufficient temperature rise
  • Dual gas valve design, automatic adjustment of gas output ratio, making stable combustion and preventing gas leakage
  • Shutdown protection for 60 minutes continuous combustion
  • DC inverter fan withstands strong wind, preventing carbon monoxide from exceeding safety standard and waste gas return
  • Intelligent staged fire blast, staged combustion according to water temperature, environmental protection and energy saving
  • Dual temperature sensing, real-time monitoring, comparing temperature rise of incoming and outgoing water
  • LED display and Touch control
  • 3-year free warranty service
  • Top-flue model RWH-N10F(L)-TB and Back-flue model RWH-N10F(L)-BB available
Color Black Matte
Auto shut off function
Rated Power 25 W
Rated Voltage 220 V~
Rated Heat Load 22 kW (MAX.)
Frequency 50 Hz
Temperature level 35℃ to 60℃
Temperature indicator
Net Weight (kg) 14 KG
Product dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 360 x 145 x 565
Excessive Water Pressure Protection
Min. Operating Water Pressure 20 kPa
Water Temperature Overheat Protection
Excessive Water Pressure Protection
Flue Duct Top Flue or Back Flue
Ignition Continuous Pulse Ignition
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



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