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Sakura G2522B(TG) Built-In Hob 櫻花牌 嵌入式平面爐 G2522B(TG)

雙頭 黑色(煤氣) (TG)
Brands: Sakura
Model: G2522B(TG)

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  • 黑色強化玻璃面,耐熱及可抵受衝擊力
  • 全新雙密封式爐頭,減少滾瀉液體流入爐身内部
  • 雙環爐頭,五段火力,獨立細芯火
  • 耐熱黑色陶瓷銅合金爐頭蓋
  • 電子零秒打火系統
  • 鑄鐵爐架,更耐熱穩固
  • 備有石油氣及煤氣型號
  • 100%台灣製造
適用氣體 :石油氣/煤氣
產品尺寸 (闊 x 深 x 高)底盤至爐架 :730 x 420 x 133 毫米
產品尺寸 (闊 x 深 x 高)底盤至玻璃面 :730 x 420 x 70 毫米
開孔尺寸 (闊 x 深):670 x 350 x R30 毫米
用氣量(石油氣) :4.3 千瓦 x 2
用氣量(煤氣) :5.0 千瓦 x 2
氣體入口接駁 :1/2 吋英制陽螺紋
重量 :13 公斤
電源供應 :1.5伏特D型乾電池 x 1
安全裝置 :熄火安全裝置
附註 :3年免費包零件保養

Built-in Hob


Suggested Retail Price$2980

Product Features

  • Black tempered glass
  • Easy clean sealed burner head avoid spillover into the burner body
  • Double-ring burner with inner burner design, 5 flame power adjustment
  • Heat resistant black color coated copper alloy burner cap
  • Electronic continuous spark ignition
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan support
  • Both LPG and TG model available
  • 100% Made in Taiwan
Type of Gas :LPG/TG
Product Dimensions (W x D x H)Base tray to pan support :730 x 420 x 133 mm
Product Dimensions (W x D x H)Base tray to glass top :730 x 420 x 70 mm
Cut-out Dimensions (W x D):670 x 350 x R30 mm
Gas Consumption(LPG) :4.3 kW x 2
Gas Consumption(TG) :5.0 kW x 2
Gas Inlet Connection :1/2″ BSP (Male)
Weight :13 kg
Power Supply :1.5V “D” Type Battery x 1
Safety Device :Flame Failure Safety Device
Remarks :3-year warranty with free parts
Japan JIA certification
Standard installation $500
Counter top alteration not included

*All specifications subject to change with prior notice.