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Garwoods EC-7238IC Domino Induction Cooktop (Kera Brushed Effect) 英國樂思 Domino 電磁爐 EC-7238IC (拉絲碳灰)

2800w 9段 拉絲碳灰色 9 levels Kera Brushed Effect
Brands: Garwoods
Model: EC-7238IC-KBE
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$4,680.00

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EC-7 Domino系列
Garwoods EC-7238IC雙頭電磁爐
產品主要特點 Special Features:
  • 法國EURO KERA®優質耐熱陶瓷玻璃面板
  • 前端斜邊設計
  • 智能分配功率,最高加熱功率則達2800瓦(前) 1200瓦(後),9段+火力提升(前) 5段(後)火力調控
  • 採用半橋雙電路驅動技術
  • 過熱保護裝置
  • 鍋具檢知功能
  • 安全鎖
  • 99分鐘預設時間功能
  • 睡眠模式
  • 獨立13A插頭,安裝容易
  • France EURO KERA® ceramic glass top
  • Facetted glass edge for front side
  • Intelligent power sharing system; maximum 2800W (Front) 1200W (Real) heating power with 9 levels + Booster(Front) 5 levels (Real) power control
  • Utilize Half-bridge drivers technology
  • Overheat prevention
  • Cookware sensor
  • Safety lock
  • 99 minutes timer setting
  • Sleep mode
  • Separate 13 A plug – easy for installation
規格 Specification
爐頭數目Number of Burners2
總功率 (瓦) Power (W)2800
Maximum Single-zone Output Power (W)
2800 (Front前) 1200 (Real後)
爐身尺寸(闊x深x高) Dimensions (WxDxH)288 x 510 x 50mm
Cut-out Dimensions (WxD)
275 x 495 mm
火力調節Level of Power Level9 + Booster(電磁烹煮區Induction zone)
5 (電陶烹煮區Infrared zone)
電源 Power Supply13A
電壓 Voltage220V/50Hz
時間制 Timer99 分鐘/ 99 minutes
玻璃Glass法國Euro Kera® 優質耐熱陶瓷玻璃面板
France EURO KERA® ceramic glass top
顏色Colour鑽黑Kera Black/拉絲碳灰Kera Brushed Effect
斜邊 Facetted edges前端13毫米(鑽黑) 
13 mm Front Side(Kera Black) 
5 mm Front Side(Kera Brushed Effect)
開關 Control Panel輕觸式 Touch Sensor
安裝方法 Installation座檯式/嵌入式 Free-standing/Built-in
能源標籤級別 Grade of Energy Label2
零售價Retail PriceHK$4,480(鑽黑Kera Black)
HK$4,680 (拉絲碳灰Kera Brushed Effect)

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