Rasonic RDW-J6W Table Top Dishwasher 樂信牌 座檯式洗碗碟機 RDW-J6W

Table Top Dishwasher 座檯式洗碗碟機
Model: RDW-J5W
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  • 2合1安裝法,可選擇手動注水或水管注水(固定安裝)
  • 更大洗滌空間,適合5-6人家庭
  • 最高約 70°C 高溫清洗,有助分解油脂及污垢
  • 靈活可變盛載籃,體積較大廚具亦能隨心放置
顏色︰ 白色
  • 額定功率: 950瓦
  • 額定水壓: 0.1-1.0MPa (只適用於固定安裝)
  • 內置水箱容量: 約5公升
  • 2合1安裝法,可按需要選擇手動注水或水管注水(固定安裝)
  • 雙層碗筷籃,最多可同時清洗32件餐具,5-6人家庭亦適合使用
  • 多種清洗程序,設有3段清洗時間(29、90及120分鐘)、沖洗、自動清洗及烘乾組合
  • 最高約 70°C 高溫清洗,有助分解油脂及污垢
  • 設有上下噴臂,360°旋轉噴洗,有效清洗每個角落
  • 靈活可變盛載籃,體積較大廚具亦能隨心放置
  • 3重過濾網,有效過濾食物殘渣
  • 通風換氣功能,減少異味囤積
  • 智能加水提示燈,提醒用戶水量不足
  • 輕觸式控制鍵,簡單操控,靈活自如
  • 特設暫停功能,方便於洗滌程式途中添加碗筷
  • 透明玻璃視窗,配以內腔照明燈(白/藍燈),清洗過程一目了然
  • 自動排清水箱餘水,防止細菌滋生
  • 體積(約) : (闊x深x高) 406 x 443 x 465 毫米
  • 全新樂信牌洗碗碟機RDW-J6W已隆重推出,歡迎親臨以下商戶選購 

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顏色 白色
額定功率 950 瓦
額定電壓 220-240 伏特~ 50赫茲
控制面板 輕觸式
清洗功能 沖洗(10分鐘)
烘乾功能 最長150分鐘
過濾網 3重可拆式過濾網
儲水箱 儲水箱 內置式
容量 約5公升
安裝 可選擇手動注水或水管注水(固定安裝)
額定水壓 0.1-1.0MPa (只適用於固定安裝)
配件 量杯
去水喉 (約1米)
淨重 12.5 公斤 (約)
產品尺寸 (約) (闊 x 深 x 高) 406 x 443 x 465毫米


Table Top Dishwasher

  • 2 in 1 installation, user can select free installation (manual) or fix installation (water inlet connection)

  • Larger washing capactity, suitable for family of 5-6 members

  • Max. 70°C high temperature cleaning, decompose fat,oil and dirt effectively

  • Basket with movable partitions, larger size kitchenware compatible

Color: White
  • Rated power: 950W
  • Rated water pressure: 0.1 - 1.0MPa (applicable to fix installation)
  • Built-in water tank (approx.): 5 Liters
  • 2 in 1 installation, user can select free installation (manual) or fix installation (water inlet connection)
  • Double deck basket design, able to wash 32pcs of dishware in once, suitable for family of 5-6 members as well
  • Multi-cleaning function, 3 washing modes (29, 90 & 120 minutes), incorporate with RINSE, AUTO CLEAN and DRY functions
  • Maximum 70°C (approx.) high temperature cleaning, decompose fat, oil and dirt effectively
  • 360° spray washing, with upper and lower sprayers, cleaning all around
  • DIY basket, with movable partitions, larger size kitchenware can be washed
  • Triple filtration system, effective food residues filtering
  • Ventilation mode starts automatically after washing mode completed, prevent odor appear
  • Intelligent refill indicators on the top and display will flash when water is not enough
  • Touch control design, simple and easy controlling
  • Pause function helps to suspend the operation if adding extra dishware
  • Glassed-window door, with interior light (white/blue), washing is under monitored
  • Water remained in the water tank will be automatically drained after washing, reduce germs breed
  • Dimensions (approx.):(WxDxH) 406 x 443 x 465 mm
  • Brand new Rasonic dishwasher RDW-J6W already been launched, welcome to purchase from below retailer: Fortress, Broadway, Suning, PanaShop, Rasonic Shop, Yata, Modern Denki, YCY, HKEC, Tung Yuen Electrical, Panasonic Sogo Showroom & Ninki Denki

    *For further detail, please contact retailers directly.
Color White
Rated Power 950 W
Rated Voltage 220-240V~ 50Hz
Control Panel Touch control
Cleaning Mode RINSE(10 mins)
FULL(120 mins)
NORMAL(90 mins)
QUICK(29 mins)
Dry Mode Max. 150 minutes
Filter Triple detachable filters
Pause Function
Ventilation Mode
Refill Indicator
Auto Clean function
Interior Light
Transparent Glass Window
Water Reservoir Water Reservoir Built-in
Capacity Approx. 5L
Installation User can select free installation (manual) or fix installation (water inlet connection)
Rated Water Pressure 0.1 - 1.0MPa (applicable to fix installation)
Accessories Measuring cup
Drain hose (Approx. 1 m)
Small Dishware Basket
Dishwashing Powder Spoon
Fix installation components
Net Weight 12.5 kg (Approx.)
Unit dimensions (Approx.) (W x D x H) 406 x 443 x 465mm
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.




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