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Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Sujihiki (Slicing Knives) 24CM Blade Length

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Model: 34400-241-0
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The Japanese Sujihiki knife is a true all-rounder and an added attraction to your kitchen. This long 24 cm sharp knife is produced in a masterful way with excellent materials, so it effortlessly cuts all kinds of food. Its appearance, typical of traditional Japanese knives, stands out for its attractive design. Its blade is inspired by the shape of the famous Japanese swords: the katanas.

The Sujihiki knife has a CRYODOR® blade, with a core made of high grade MC66 powder steel surrounded by 132 layers of damask steel. The special manufacturing process of the blade provides a unique and very attractive damask design. The cold hardening (at -196º C) ensures the hardness, stability and retention of the edge of the blade. Both sides of the blade of the Miyabi Sujihiki knife are polished, giving the knife the Japanese profile of its blade and a unique cutting edge thanks to Honbazuke sharpening.

The black ash handle is of the highest quality and is made of wood with the traditional D shape of Japanese knives. Its size and shape produce an optimal balance, so that this knife is pleasant to the touch, regardless of the cutting work. The attractive design of the ash wood shows a unique pattern, just like the leaf. You can enjoy the preparation of delicious dishes thanks to this Japanese knife Suhihiki Miyabi 5000MCD 67 series of damask steel.

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Blade made with 133 layers of steel and a Microcarbide core to achieve a hardness of 66 Rockwell
  • Japanese authentic leaf profile
  • The symmetric blade with Honbazuke edge ensures unparalleled sharpness
  • Traditional D-shaped handle made of black ash wood.
Blade Length: 240 mm

The Miyabi brand, with its statement "The Beauty of Sharpness", reflects values that are particularly highly prized in Japanese culture. The brand is synonymous with purity, grace and elegance. Miyabi knives combine beauty and exceptional sharpness. They are thus manufactured in the tradition of the ancient masters, who once produced the finest Japanese swords. Miyabi knives are authentic. They are designed by the Japanese and manufactured in ZWILLING's own factories in Japan



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