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Rasonic KR-R227E Induction Cooktop 樂信牌 電磁爐 KR-R227E

2800W 日本製造 Made in Japan
Brands: Rasonic
Model: KR-R227E

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Induction Cooktops


廚房專用雙頭電磁爐 (13A)

  • 額定功率:2.8千瓦
  • 9段火力及最高7段溫度控制(火力共享)
  • 紅外線感應器,可以準確檢測出鍋底溫度
  • One Touch烹調鍵 (煎炒、油炸、煮粥功能)
  • 2級能源標籤
顏色︰ 灰
  • 嵌入或座檯式安裝
  • 13 A 爐頭額定總輸出功率(最高) : 2.8 千瓦
  • 獨立左、右爐頭 (最高功率) : 2.8千瓦
  • 9 段火力控制 (火力共享)
  • 特設煎炸(5段調校(140-230°C))烹調程式,以設定的溫度準確加熱
  • 特設油炸(7段調校(140-200°C))烹調程式,以設定的溫度準確加熱
  • 2級能源標籤
  • 紅外線感應器,可以準確的檢測出鍋底溫度
  • 紅色光圈顯示及爐面餘溫顯示燈
  • One Touch烹調鍵 (煎炒、油炸、煮粥功能)
  • 新增快速加熱鍵
  • 9小時30分鐘定時功能
  • 獨立雙主線圈,使加熱更加均勻
  • 電子感應式及LED顯示面控
  • 防滑微晶石面板
  • 過熱自動斷電保護裝置
  • 兒童安全鎖
  • 鍋具檢測裝置
  • 45分鐘閒置自動關機功能
  • 雙重開關安全保護
  • 防止小物件加熱保護
  • 體積(約) : (闊x深x高) 742 x 400 x 107毫米
  • 開孔尺寸(闊x深): 710 x 368毫米 (只適用於嵌入式安裝)
  • 日本製造
  • 保修5年
温度控制煎炒功能 5 段調校 (140-230 ℃)
油炸功能 7 段調校 (140-200 ℃)
火力調節9 段
定時功能9 小時30分鐘
額定功率2800 瓦
額定電壓220 伏特~ 50赫茲
安裝要求機身的左、右、前及後方與煮食檯側壁須留有不少於50毫米的距離。 如嵌入式,除了以上的安裝要求外,電磁爐底部不少於40平方厘米的進/出風口。
開孔尺寸 (闊 x 深)710 x 368 毫米
產品尺寸 (約) (闊 x 深 x 高)742 x 400 x 107 毫米


Kitchen Use Double-Burner Induction Cooker (13A)

  • Rated Power: 2.8kW
  • 9-Level power and max. 7-level temperature controls (power sharing)
  • IR-Sensor precisely measures the temperature of the cookward bottom
  • One Touch function keys(Pan-Fry, Deep-Fry, Congee)
  • MEEL Grade 2
Color: Grey
  • Built-in or Free-standing installation
  • 13 A Left & Right IH Rated Power Consumption (max.): 2.8 kW
  • Independent Left or Right IH Heater (MAX.):2,800W
  • 9-Level power control (power sharing)
  • Pan-Frying (5-level temperature adjustment: 140-230°C)program for precise temperature control
  • Deep-Frying (7-level temperature adjustment: 140-200°C) program for precise temperature control
  • MEEL Grade 2
  • IR-Sensor precisely measures the temperature of the cookware bottom
  • Smart red cooking ring when IH Cooker is in use and top plate residual heat indication
  • One Touch function keys (Pan-Fry, Deep-Fry, Congee)
  • Maximum power key
  • 9 hours 30 minutes timer
  • Independent dual coils for uniform heating
  • Electronic sensor & LED control panel
  • Crystalized glass top surface
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Child safety lock
  • Utensil sensor
  • Intelligent protection after 45 minutes continuous standalone cooking
  • Double operation mechanism to prohibit accidentally switch on
  • Small objects recognition feature (prevent accidental heating)
  • Dimensions (approx.):(WxDxH) 742 x 400 x 107 mm
  • Cut hole Size (WxD): 710 x 368mm (Only applicable for Built-in installation)
  • Made in Japan
  • 5 years warranty
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
MEELGrade 2
Temperature Control5-level adjustment (140-230 ℃) for Pan-fry function
7-level adjustment (140-200 ℃) for Deep-fry function
Heat Adjustment9 Level
Control PanelElectronic sensor & LED display
Timer Function9 hours and 30 minutes
Rated Power2800 Watt (W)
Top PlateAnti-slip Crystallized Glass Top Surface
Boost power function
Overheat Protection
Child safety lock
Cooking modesPan-fry
Power source requirementConnect from the provided power cord with the plug of the induction cooker to 13A socket. If connection to fixed wiring is needed, connection must be incorporating a switch with 13A or above in accordance with electricity ordinance.
No installation service is needed for free-standing.
Rated Voltage220V~ 50Hz
InstallationFree-standing or Built-in design
Installation RequirementsLeaving at least 50mm space at the sides , front and back from the wall. For Built-in installation, other than above conditions, please also leaving an air inlet/ outlet space at least 40cm2.
Cut-hole Dimensions (W x D)710 x 368 mm
Unit dimensions (Approx.) (W x D x H)742 x 400 x 107 mm
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.