Sharp FP-FM40A-B Air Purifier HD Plasmacluster Ion System (HD PCI) and Mosquito Traps 聲寶 捕蚊空氣清新機 FP-FM40A-B

捕蚊空氣清新機 HD Plasmacluster Ion System (HD PCI) and Mosquito Traps
Model: FP-FM40A-B
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Sharp 聲寶 FP-FM40A-B HD PCI 捕蚊空氣清新機


1.黑色機身: 黑色能吸引蚊子靠近
2.UV燈: 紫外線能吸引蚊,蠓,烏蠅,飛蛾等
3.獨特吸入口: 能吸引蚊子飛入機內
4.強勁吸入氣流: 將蚊子吸入機內
5.強力捕蚊貼紙: 牢牢地粘實蚊子
自動: 風量根據空氣質素自動切換。感測器監測污染物,以進行高效空氣淨化。
睡眠模式: 本機在使用睡眠模式時操作非常寧靜。PLASMACLUSTER 指示燈及淨化度指示燈自動熄滅。
強力 PCI 除菌
持續60分鐘於高風速釋放高濃度Plasmacluster Ions。

Sharp FP-FM40A-B Air Purifier with HD Plasmacluster Ion System (HD PCI) and Mosquito Traps


5 mosquito trapping unique design
1. black body: black can attract mosquitoes near
2.UV light: ultraviolet light can attract mosquitoes, midges, flies, moths, etc.
3. Unique inlet: to attract mosquitoes flying into the machine
4. Strong suction airflow: mosquitoes sucked into the machine
5. Strong mosquito stickers: firmly glued solid mosquitoes
Mosquito trapping rate of 99%
Air purification
Auto: automatic switching based on the amount of wind air quality. Sensors monitor pollutants for efficient air purification.
Sleep mode: The machine is very quiet when you use the sleep mode. PLASMACLUSTER and purification degree indicator lights automatically turn off.
Powerful PCI sterilization
For 60 minutes at high wind speed release high concentrations of Plasmacluster Ions.
When this operation is completed, the panel will return to the previous mode of operation.
The function of this mode can be converted into another mode.




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