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Sharp FP-H30A-B Air Purifier (237ft²) 聲寶 空氣清新機 FP-H30A-B (237平方尺)

適用範圍 : 22平方米 / 237平方尺 Applicable Area: 22m² / 237ft²
Brands: Sharp
Model: FP-H30A-B

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Air Purifiers

SHARP 聲寶 FP-H30A-B 空氣清新機

SHARP 聲寶 FP-H30A-B 空氣清新機


- 內置HD離子產生器,製造出高濃度PCI

- 有效抑制空氣中的病毒、細菌及過敏原

- 亦能抑制霉菌生長

- 以及去除異味


- 過濾效能高達99.97%*1 

- 能有效過濾微塵粒子、香煙煙味*2及花粉

- 抑制微生物生長


- 具強力除臭效能

- 能去除各種異味,如香煙煙味*2、垃圾臭味及寵物異味等


- 以噴射方式在空氣中釋放15分鐘高密度的PCI

- 有效抑制空氣中的病毒、霉菌及過敏原

- 可抑制從室外帶進室內的刺激物

- 可淨化室內的塵埃污物

*1 過濾0.3微米之微塵粒子時

*2 不能去除香煙中的有毒物質,如一氧化碳


空氣淨化方式: High Density Plasmacluster

Plasmacluster 濃度 (顆/立方厘米): 7,000

適用範圍 : 22平方米 / 237平方尺

風速設定 : 睡眠 / 中 / 高

操作模式 :強力Plasmacluster除菌


配備微生物控制HEPA 過濾網 (2年)

活性碳除臭過濾網 (2年)

空氣流量 (立方米/小時) 

60 (睡眠)

120 (中)

180 (高)

耗電量 (瓦) 

13 (睡眠)

30 (中)

50 (高)

操作音量 (分貝) 

23 (睡眠)

36 (中)

44 (高)

外型尺寸 (闊 x 高 x 深) (毫米): 431 x 411 x 211

重量 (公斤) 4.2

顏色 :黑 (-B)

配件 :

配備HEPA 過濾網 (FZ-F30HFE)

活性碳除臭過濾網 (FZ-F30DFE-HK)



High-density Plasmacluster Ion

- Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit generates high-density Plasmacluster Ion

- Inactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens

- Suppress growth of mold

- Remove odor

HEPA Filter with Microbial Control

- 99.97%*1 dust collection rate

- Collect tiny dust, cigarette smoke*2 and pollen

- Restrain growth of microbes

Active Carbon Filter

- Powerful deodorizing ability

- Remove various kinds of odors, such as cigarette smoke*2, garbage odor, pet odor

Special "ION SHOWER" Operating Mode

- Discharge concentrated Plasmacluster Ion in a shower-like pattern into the air for 15 minutes

- Inactivate airborne viruses, mold and allergens effectively

- Inactivate airborne irritants brought from outside

- Purify household dust

*1 Dust collection efficiency of the filter for 0.3 micron particles.

*2 Toxic substances found in smoke, such as carbon monoxide, cannot be removed


Purification Method :High Density Plasmacluster

Plasmaclusteer Density (ions/cm³): 7,000

Applicable Area: 22m² / 237ft²

Air Flow Mode :Sleeping / Medium / High

Operation Mode: Special Ion Shower


HEPA Filter with Microbial Control (2 years)

Active Carbon Filter (2 years)

Air Flow Volum (m3/hr) :

60 (Sleeping)

120 (Medium)

180 (High)

Power Consumption (W):

 13 (Sleeping)

30 (Medium)

50 (High)

Noise Level (dBA) :

23 (Sleeping)

36 (Medium)

44 (High)

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 431 x 411 x 211

Weight (kg) 4.2

Color :Black (-B)

Accessories :

HEPA Filter FZ-F30HFE)

Active Carbon Filter (FZ-F30DFE-HK)