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Built-In Side by Side Refrigeration/Water Dispensing (408+194L)
Model: ICBBI-42SD
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price HK$182,000.00

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ICBBI-42SD Side-by-Side Ice/Water Dispensing Wrinkled fruit, wilted lettuce. You’ve seen your share of past due, even spoiled food in the refrigerator. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way – the Sub-Zero 42” Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator with External Dispenser keeps your food fresher longer with the most advanced food preservation technology available - a technology developed through almost 70 years of research. That means crisper greens, juicier peppers, blueberries that burst with flavor – even weeks after you’ve brought them home from the market. You'll taste the difference. With dual refrigeration, fresh foods thrive in a humid yet chilly climate, while frozen and convenience foods get the dry, frigid air they need. An air purification system inspired by NASA technology scrubs the air of ethylene gas, bacteria, mold and viruses. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while an advanced microprocessor provides pinpoint climate control. External dispenser delivers filtered water and ice. Storage capacity for the ICBBI-42D is a generous 408 L refrigerator, 194 L. freezer. Bottom line? More flavorful, delicious food for you, your family, your guests. ICBBI-42SD Highlights Dual refrigeration keeps food fresher Air purification system fights spoilage, odors Crispers and deli drawers in low-temp, high-humidity zones for optimum freshness Microprocessor control assures peak performance Water-filtration system reduces contaminants, chlorine taste and odor Freshness cards for maximum food preservation Model Options ICBBI-42SD/S/PH ICBBI-42SD/S/TH Refrigeration Specifications 4 Adjustable glass shelves 1 Stationary glass shelf 1 High-humidity drawer with divider 2 Storage drawers with divider 3 Adjustable door shelves 2 Stationary door shelves Adjustable dairy compartment Freezer Specifications 3 Adjustable wire shelves 1 Stationary solid shelf 3 Storage drawers 5 Adjustable door shelves Automatic ice maker Technical Specifications Overall Dimensions: H2134 mm x W1067 mm x D610 mm Weight: 276 Kg Refrigerator Capacity: 408 L Freezer Capacity: 194 L Energy Star Certified Star K Certified Energy Rating: A+ Available Accessories Side panel in white or stainless steel Stainless steel kickplate Grilles for 83" or 88" finished height (84" is standard) Side Panel Mounting Kit Dozen egg container Replacement air purification cartridge and water filter



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