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Whirlpool DS201HW Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier 20L

  • Dehumidpurifier with Independent Dehumidify & Air-Purifying Mode, Suitable for Entire Year
  • 5-Level Purification for Removing Bacteria and Virus Up to 99.99%*
  • Independent Laundry Mode, Drying Efficiency is 23% Faster^
Brands: Whirlpool
Model: DS201HW
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$4,098.00
was HK$2,560.00 Special Price HK$2,280.00

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Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier series, 20L

Whirlpool’s Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier is an ideal product for dehumidification & air-purification. And it features “All-in-One Multi-Protection filter” which removes bacteria and virus up to 99.9%*. Its slim design can fit any home perfectly.

DS201HW - Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier Series

  • Dehumidpurifier with independent dehumidify & Air-Purifying mode, suitable for entire year
  • 5-level purification for removing bacteria and virus up to 99.99%*
  • Independent Laundry Mode, drying efficiency is 23% faster^

(* The result is tested by third-party authorized company.
^ The result is tested by third-party authorized company, compare with our dehumidpurifer and similar models in the market.)