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Electrolux KOAAS31X SousVide & Combi Steam Oven 60cm 16 Functions 70L

Steamify®, 70L
1 SousVide programme + 7 steam cooking + 16 cooking functions
3.5kW (20A)
4 glass door
TFT touch display

Brands: Electrolux
Model: KOAAS31X
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$42,800.00
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Built-In Oven

60cm SousVide SteamPro Oven

Electrolux KOAAS31X 


Steamify®, your steam assistant

The Steamily® function makes creating delicious dishes even easier. Enter the cooking

temperature that you would usually use and the oven automatically adjusts seltings,meaning your food is steamed to perfection.

Perfect the art of sous-vide

"Unlock excellence and sous-vide at home. Accurately controlled temperatures are the key to sous-vide, and thanks to our precise technology, they are now simple to achieve. Vacuum-sealed bags enhance flavours, while steam preserves taste and nutrients. "

Precision cooking with our Food Sensor

Thanks to our Food Sensor, you can achieve perfect results every time. It lets you monitor the cooking process by measuring the core temperature of the food. It will even let you know when your food has been cooked to the desired temperature and stop cooking.



8 Steam modes

Include: Steamify , Sous-vide , Full steam (100%) , High steam (80%) , Medium steam (50%) , Low steam (25%)

16 cooking functions 

Steamify° - Your steam assistant 

SousVide - Cooking in a vacuum-sealed bag using precise temperature 

Food Sensor Monitors core temperatures 

260 Assisted cooking programs

Steam cleaning - 2 levels

Descaling function

TFT Touch control display 

Quadruple glazed

VelvetClosing door 

Fast heat up

Oven Temperature Range : 30~230 °C


Residual Heat Indication

Automatic Switch off

Tech info: 

Built-in Dimensions: H590 x W560 x D550 mm

Appliance Dimensions: H594 x W595 x D567 mm 

Usable volume of cavity : 70L 

Electrical and Energy

Total electricity loading (W) 3500

Voltage 230

Fuse Rating 20A

Net weight(kg):40.5

Accessory : 1 Wire Shelf, 1 Baking Tray, 1 Grill/Meat Pan, 1 Food Sensor,1 Grid Runner, 1 set of Telescopic Runners & 1 Steam Set 

Optional accessory: KBV4X 

Made in Germany 

2 Years Warranty