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Garwoods HT-8238G Chimney Range Hood (750mm) 英國樂思 煙導式抽油煙機 HT-8238G

750mm 黑色
Brands: Garwoods
Model: HT-8238G
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$4,980.00
was HK$3,380.00 Special Price HK$3,330.00

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Chimney Range Hoods
歐陸式抽油煙機 European Range Hood
樂思優美系列Garwoods HT-8238G
產品主要特點 Special Features:
  • 弧型強化玻璃面板,追求卓越品味之選
  • 全輕觸式智能操控設計,操作簡便 (備有遥控)
  • 750毫米機身闊度,容易配襯各式廚房設計
  • 全密封式鋁摩打,低噪音、高吸風量
  • 延遲關機,帶走餘下的油煙及氣味
  • LED照明設計,環保節能
  • Arc glass panel with high quality tempered glass design
  • Stylish sensor touch control, easy for operate (with remote control)
  • 750mm widths be suitable for any kitchen design
  • Full sealed aluminum motor, low noise and high suction
  • Delay-off function to extract odors after cooking
  • Energy Saving LED lighting
規格 Specification
顏色 Colour黑色
物料 Material高質強化玻璃
High Quality Tempered Glass
按鍵操控 Switch Type觸控式+ 遙控器
Sensor Touch + Remote Control
排風量 Air Flow Rate (每小時立方米 m3/hr)900
抽力選擇 Suction Power Selection3段3 Levels
馬達速度 Motor Speed
(每分鐘轉動 r.p.m./min)
1850 r.p.m.
馬達耗電量 (瓦) Motor Power Consumption (w)220W
照明 (瓦) Illumination (w)LED 1.5 x 4
重量 Weight 公斤(磅) KG (Lb)25kg
機身尺寸 (闊x深x高) 毫米
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
750x500x*830-1230毫米 (mm)
排風口直徑 Air Duct Diameter150毫米 (mm)/6.5吋 (inch)
電壓 Voltage220V-240V/50HZ
安裝方法 Installation獨立式 Free-standing
零售價Retail PriceHK$4,980

*配伸縮式排氣管外罩 with telescopic pipe cover

Right of technical modification reserved, delivery subject to availability, colour of plastic components may vary from illustrations.