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Allianz Assistance Appliances Protector

GeiSar GSQ80MS Hand Dryer 捷沙 乾手機 GSQ80MS

噴射式 (Jet) LCD 顯示, 高速無擦直流摩打,1400w,銀灰色
Brands: GeiSar
Model: GSQ80MS

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Hand Dryers
High-speed brushless DC motor that produces 110 m/s jet airflow
Dry hands in 5 – 10 seconds
Controlled by CPU, with LCD screen
Alternative of cool air or warm air
Hygienic filter bag, antibacterial and harmful gases absorbable
Unique design, energy-saving, economical and durable

Voltage: : 220V – 240V~/50Hz
Rated Power: : 1400W
Current: : 8 A
Degree of protection: : IP 22
Air volume: : 220 m³/h
Air velocity: : 110 m/s
Noise level: : >78 dB
Packing size: : 735 x 371 x 330mm
Unit weight: : 8.5 kg
Packing: (1 pc) : 10 kg