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Midea AC100-18R 4.8L Air Cooler w/ Remote Control 美的 4.8升 電子式遙控冷風機 AC100-18R

4.8L 風機 Air Cooler
Brands: Midea
Model: AC100-18R

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4.8升 電子式遙控冷風機

  • 型 號︰ AC100-18R
產品名稱 : 4.8升 電子式遙控冷風機
風速:3段風速:高檔 /中檔/低檔
 可調角度:左右60°/上下 100° (手動調節)
產品尺寸(闊x高x深):265 x 700 x 280 (亳米)

4.8L Air Cooler with Remote Control

  • Product Code: AC100-18R
Model No.:AC100-18R
Product Name:4.8L Air Cooler with Remote Control 
Speed:3-speed: High /Middle /Low
Special features:3 Wind modes: normal wind / natural wind / sleep wind
 Tilt angle adjustable:  left and right 60 ° / up and down 100 ° (manual adjustment)
 Humidification enhance the cooling of air
 7-hour electric timer
 Water tank capacity : 4.8L
 With wheels
 With 2 pcs ice boxes
 Remote control
Net weight:6.6 KG 
Product dimension(WxHxD):265 x 700 x 280 (mm)