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Sakura Q-7680ST Dish Sterilizer 58L

Brands: Sakura
Model: Q-7680ST
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$3,380.00

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  • 高質感鏡面玻璃設計
  • O3 臭氧殺菌,烘乾、除霉、除臭,確保餐具乾淨
  • 雙重功能,同時具有PTC 陶瓷熱風循環烘乾及殺菌功能
  • 特設60/45/30分鍾三段烘乾時間 (首10分鐘具備臭氧殺菌功能),
  • 碗櫃內配置不銹鋼碗碟架,讓餐具擺放井井有條
  • 內置水盤儲存碗碟流出的水份,易於清理
  • 密封式設計,防塵、防蟲及防臭氧溢出,安全可靠
  • 不銹鋼内壁,耐用、防鏽又衛生
  • 80℃過熱保護裝置,更安全有保障
  • 底座下方附設紙巾/毛巾架,底部裝有照明燈
  • 100%台灣製造
顏色 :鏡面銀
適用人數 / 容量 :4-6人份 (58 升)
產品尺寸 (闊 x 深 x 高) :798 x 332 x 400 毫米
重量 :17 公斤
材質 :門板- 鏡面玻璃
安裝方式 :吊裝式
照明燈 :9瓦PL燈
電源供應 :220伏特50赫
最大額定功率 :240 瓦
附註 :1年免費包零件保養



Dish Sterilizer


Product Features


  • Mirror-glass cabinet door
  • O3 disinfection combines with warming, drying, dedorization and anti-mould function which ensures
  • PTC hot air circulation and disinfection function
  • 60/45/30mins 3-different time setting (ozone disinfection in first 10 mins)
  • Hanging type installation perfectly match with kitchen cabinet
  • Stainless steel utensils rack
  • Excess water is collected at the water collector
  • Fully sealed design ensures hygiene and safety
  • Inner cabinet in stainless steel increases durability and cleanliness
  • 80℃ overheat protection device
  • Equipped with towel/paper rack and lighting at the bottom
  • 100% Made in Taiwan
Color :Mirror Silver
No. of persons / Capacity :4-6 persons (58 L)
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) :798 x 332 x 400 mm
Weight :17 kg
Material :Door Panel-Mirror glass panel
Inside-Stainless steel
Utensil Rack-Stainless steel
Installation Method :Hanging type
Lighting :9 W PL Light
Power Supply :AC220V / 50Hz
Max. Rated Power :240 W
Remarks :1-year warranty with free parts
Hong Kong Electrical Products (Safety) Regulations
Hanging type standard installation $300

*All specifications subject to change with prior notice.