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Whirlpool HT015 Heating Fan 惠而浦 暖風機 HT015

Brands: Whirlpool
Model: HT015
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: HK$598.00

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Heating Fans
Whirlpool's ceramic heaters provide warmth to keep you cozy throughout the winter. The ceramic heater produces an efficient heating source while maintaining a low surface temperature. It selectes the ideal power output level based on your settings and the existing temperature. Complying with IP21 test, the drip protection feature of HT015 makes it suitable for bathroom use.

IP21 Drip Protection
Grounding Safety Device
Safety Thermostat
Tip Over Switch Safety Device

惠而浦陶瓷暖風機為您帶來暖意洋溢的冬季。此系列採用陶瓷製熱物料,在發放高度熱能的同時,暖風機表面,除出風口外,仍能保持低溫狀態。智能調較輸出熱量,給予用家最理想的室溫。HT015 通過 IP21 測試,具有防水滴設計,浴室適用。

IP21 防水滴設計

Max. Heat Output (W): : 1500
Heat Selection Level (W) L / H: : 1000 / 1500
Drip Protection: : •
Grounding Safety Device: : •
Applicable Area (m³): : 42
Oscillation: : •
Safety Thermostat: : •
Tip Over Switch Safety Device: : •
Color: : Ivory White
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: : 353 x 140 x 195

最高熱力輸出量 (瓦): : 1500
熱力選擇 (瓦) 低 / 高: : 1000 / 1500
防水滴設計: : •
接地裝置: : •
適用面積 (立方米): : 42
左右轉動: : •
過熱保護裝置: : •
翻倒自動斷電裝置: : •
顏色: : 象牙白
尺寸 (高 x 闊 x 深) 毫米: : 353 x 140 x 195